About SocialPilot

SocialPilot is a cloud-based social media marketing and Analytics solution for companies of all sizes. It gives calendar management, branding, scheduling, customer reporting and management functionalities within a package. Android and iOS programs out there.

SocialPilot integrates with societal networking channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. The Computer Software Features bulk scheduling, which lets users create and schedule posts Across different social networking accounts from a single portal.

ViewSocialPilot’s simplicity of use

SocialPilot provides an effective, operational interface. The setup procedure is fast and you may connect many accounts with the click of a few buttons. SocialPilot connects to a comprehensive list of social networks, also: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Pinterest, Tumblr, and the Russian social media giant, VK.

It’s easy to navigate Through different features, together with the navigation bar on the left side of this screen. The spartan aesthetics maintain the user’s attention on working through their societal networking tasks.

Nonetheless, SocialPilot does have a limited quantity of training for new customers, with live training limited to the priciest Enterprise program only. It is not a tricky software to master, but it’s also not the simplest on the market. More advice would assist in the early stages to ensure customers can get the most from the platform.

SocialPilot has been Designed with multiuser teams in mind, and this shows in several of applications that are accessible. There are plentiful alternatives to add other team members into a post or a effort, so they can make changes within the SocialPilot platform.

In essence, SocialPilot is a really practical instrument, unembellished with superfluous decoration.

It does, however, lack The gloss and attention to detail of its glitzier competitions.

You will find a few Spelling mistakes in important areas (see’Pintrest’ in the screenshot below) And in our opinion, the connection to Twitter dropped on a few events.

Social Pilot Advantage And Disadantage


SocialPilot’s Whenever you have the capacity to write out everything on a spreadsheet then upload in the system with the click of a button, then obtaining all your articles in the ideal location, on the ideal date and the ideal time, that, my friend, is magical! -it is peace-of-mind. Having this feature also an intuitive dashboard which has been favorable to the intermediate and new consumer is a recipe for success. That is evident by the venture thye have with TikTok which enables SP to program TT videos.


I Do not see very many disadvantages. I used SocialPilot throughout the trial period and appeared To enjoy everything I found

SocialPilot’s Key attributes

· Content suggestions

· Join up to 200 profiles

· Share around 500 articles

· Schedule tweets and articles in bulk

· RSS Feeds

· Powerful reporting and analytics

· Scheduling calendar

· Mobile app

SocialPilot’s pricing

Business requirements and budgets.

· As much as 10 connected societal media accounts

· Publish 50 articles

· Locate curated articles

· $8.33 a month

Professional Strategy

· As much as 50 connected societal media accounts

· 200 articles sharing daily

· 5 group members

· $25 a month

Little Team Plan

· As much as 100 connected societal media accounts

· 500 articles sharing daily

· 5000 articles in scheduling queue

· As much as 200 connected societal media accounts

· 1000 articles sharing daily

· 10,000 articles in scheduling queue

· $83.33 a month

·Customised social networking direction

Enriched limits

Custom Strategy

White labelling needs

Cost upon Ask

SocialPilot’s support

SocialPilot pushes all queries either toward their email address or to their knowledge center. From experience, they do respond to emails within a few hours, typically with a solution but sometimes with just a link to an FAQ page on the knowledge center.

The knowledge center posts are clear and contain step-by-step solutions anchored to a variety of common digital marketing terms, but of course, they do not cover all potential issues.


If you’re new to social networks, then there is one thing you should know: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are three of the major networks for businesses and bloggers alike. This is where most interactions happen, and where your content is more likely to get noticed.

You don’t have to be on every platform there is — just the ones that bring you the best exposure. So for this purpose, SocialPilot is not only a great tool — it’s a must have.