Blinkist Overview

Blinkist is a popular platform that provides summaries of non-fiction books, allowing users to get the key insights and takeaways from a wide range of titles in a condensed format. The service offers both written and audio summaries, making it convenient for users to absorb knowledge on the go.

  • Book Summaries: Blinkist takes non-fiction books and condenses them into bite-sized summaries. These summaries distill the key insights, main ideas, and important takeaways from each book.
  • Diverse Selection: Blinkist offers a wide range of books covering topics such as self-help, business, psychology, health, science, and more. Their library includes both classic titles and contemporary bestsellers.
  • Written and Audio Formats: Summaries are available in both written and audio formats. This flexibility allows users to choose the format that best suits their preferences and lifestyle.
  • Short and Accessible: Each summary, or “Blink,” is designed to be read or listened to in about 15 minutes, making it easy for users to quickly grasp the main points of a book.
  • Categories and Channels: Blinkist categorizes its content into various channels, making it easy for users to explore specific topics or areas of interest.
  • Personalized Recommendations: The platform offers personalized book recommendations based on user preferences and reading history.

Blinkist Products

  • Blinkist Free: This is a free version of Blinkist that allows users to access a limited number of book summaries. It’s a good way to get a taste of what Blinkist offers.
  • Blinkist Premium: This is the paid subscription plan that provides full access to Blinkist’s entire library of book summaries. It includes both written and audio versions of the summaries, as well as personalized recommendations and offline access. The Premium plan is available on a monthly or yearly subscription basis.
  • Blinkist Premium Plus: This is a premium plan that not only provides access to Blinkist’s entire library but also grants users one free audiobook per month from the premium selection on Audible. This plan is available on a yearly subscription basis.
  • Gift Subscriptions: Users have the option to gift Blinkist subscriptions to friends or family members. This can be a great way to share the benefits of Blinkist with others.
  • Student Discount: Blinkist offers a special discount for students, allowing them to access the Premium plan at a reduced price.

Blinkist Customer Services

  • Email Support: Users can reach out to Blinkist’s support team via email. They typically have a dedicated support email address where users can send their questions or concerns.
  • Help Center: Blinkist maintains a comprehensive Help Center on their website. This resource contains articles, FAQs, and guides that address common issues, provide answers to frequently asked questions, and offer tips for using the platform effectively.
  • Contact Form: There may be a contact form available on the Blinkist website that users can fill out to get in touch with customer support.
  • Social Media: Blinkist may also offer customer support through social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. Users can reach out via direct messages or by mentioning Blinkist in their posts.
  • In-App Support: Depending on the platform (iOS, Android, etc.), Blinkist may have in-app support features that allow users to contact customer support directly from within the app.

Blinkist Benefits, Features And Advantages


  • Time Efficiency: Blinkist condenses books into 15-minute summaries, allowing users to gain valuable knowledge in a fraction of the time it would take to read the entire book.
  • Diverse Selection: Blinkist’s library covers a wide range of genres and topics, providing access to insights from various fields such as self-help, business, psychology, science, and more.
  • Convenience: Users can access Blinkist summaries on their preferred devices, making it easy to learn on the go, whether commuting, exercising, or during downtime.
  • Cost-Effective: Blinkist offers an affordable alternative to buying and reading multiple full-length books. A subscription grants access to a vast library of book summaries.


  • Written and Audio Formats: Summaries are available in both written and audio formats, providing flexibility for different learning preferences and situations.
  • Offline Access: Subscribers can download Blinks for offline reading or listening, making it convenient for situations without an internet connection.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Blinkist provides tailored book recommendations based on users’ reading history and preferences, helping them discover content that aligns with their interests.
  • Channels and Categories: Blinks are categorized into channels, allowing users to explore specific topics or genres of interest.


  • Efficient Learning: Blinkist’s concise summaries focus on the most important ideas and concepts, ensuring users extract the core takeaways from each book.
  • Retention of Knowledge: By providing key insights in a condensed format, Blinkist increases the likelihood that users will remember and apply what they’ve learned.
  • Productivity Boost: Users can leverage Blinkist to quickly gain knowledge and apply it to their personal or professional lives, potentially leading to increased productivity.
  • Accessibility: Blinkist is accessible to a wide audience, including those with busy schedules or limited reading time.
  • Trial Period: Blinkist offers a free trial, allowing users to test the platform and explore its benefits before committing to a subscription.

Experts of Blinkist

  • Blinkist provides concise summaries of non-fiction books, allowing users to quickly grasp key ideas and concepts.
  • The platform offers a wide range of book titles across various genres and topics, catering to diverse interests.
  •  Users can save time by reading or listening to book summaries instead of investing hours in reading entire books.
  • Blinkist offers a free trial period, allowing users to explore the platform before committing to a subscription.

Blinkist Conclusion

In conclusion, Blinkist is a platform that provides condensed summaries of non-fiction books, allowing users to quickly grasp the key insights and takeaways from a wide range of topics. It offers both written and audio formats, making it accessible and convenient for different learning preferences.

Blinkist’s strengths lie in its time efficiency, diverse selection of books, and convenience for on-the-go learning. It allows users to explore new topics, make efficient use of their time, and access knowledge even in offline situations. The personalized recommendations and categorization into channels further enhance the user experience.