About Gravity Forms:- 3760. That’s the number of plugins available when you search the WordPress plugin marketplace for “contact type”. A wide variety of more and less well known plugins comes to light, with Touch Type 7 to number one. With more than 1 million installations undoubtedly the hottest plugin for contact kinds. But, do you really want more than a simple contact Forms or are you looking to automate specific things by means of a Forms? Then the Gravity Types WordPress plugin is your solution. Read why below!

What are the advantages of Gravity Formss?

If you are looking for a plugin that goes a little further than a title, email address and phone number, Gravity Types is 100% what you desire. This plugin is aimed at building complicated Formss in a easy manner. It also provides the chance to put in a vast landscape of so-called Add-Ons for a own Forms. Alternatives that are offered are of payment gateways, a pdf generator and links to all kinds of different programs.

 Simple to use interface

Making a type with Gravity Types is quite simple. It is possible to drag the fields from the screen to the place in the shape and adjust them so. This plugin is accompanied by an immense number of alternatives. You won’t use all them but are practical based on the kind you’re likely to create. Consider continuing and saving afterwards, conditional logic on every area and animated screen of subjects.

Over 30 standard Areas

The default plugin includes over 30 regular fields you can use to construct your Forms. Cases are a subject for the own first and last name, your address, contact number or email address. But additionally checkboxes, radio buttons, a message area along with your html are potential. Each area contains its own choices and could be placed separately from the remainder. Based upon the Add-Ons you set up, this amount increases even more

Allergic logic

The trick to a clear but complex Forms is your alternative for conditional logic within Gravity Formss. This logic implies that, based on the requirements, you determine which subjects become visible or disappear. This gives you control over what inFormsation the consumer leaves behind. It results in precisely the inFormsation that you need to take the next step with your prospective lead or customer.


Based on the license you choose, there are a number of integrations with Gravity Formss available. By default it’s possible to link your Forms with MailChimp. This way you don’t ever have to manually enter a new contact again, which may easily save a couple of minutes at a time.

Are you willing to pay a little more than a planet opens up for you when it comes to Insert Us. Some of the chances.

Agile CRM           Batchbook             Breeze              Campfire             Capsule CRM

Dropbox              Freshbooks            Help Scout       Highrise               PayPal

Pipe Video          Slack                        Trello                              Zapier                   Zoho CRM

Authorize.net     Chained Selects     Coupons          Partial Entries     Polls

Quiz                       Signature                Stripe              Stripe                    User Registration


What are the disadvantages of Gravity Formss?

If you’d like a free contact type, Gravity Formss isn’t an alternative. In the present time of writing Gravity Formss has three licenses: Fundamental for $59 a year, Pro a $159 and an elite license together with options and an infinite number of websites for $259 each year.

Another drawback is the fact that it requires a while to discover all the possibilities you have, but you are going to get somewhere. We can’t think of some other disadvantages right now.

Connect Payment Option to Gravity Forms

Are you seeking a simple way to market something through your site and do you never need to put in (for example) Woocommerce? Gravity Formss provides a solution. You can add a payment alternative to your Forms in different ways.


The benefit is that payment option is very simple to install. All you need is a (business) PayPal account and you can get started. A disadvantage is that not everybody has a paypal accounts. With PayPal you exclude a massive potential when it comes to your future customers.

Pronamic Purchase

Another choice is to use the paid plug-in of Pronamic (+6000 installations). It provides you the option for payments directly via Gravity Types. All you will need is a company Mollie account. After this you can add almost all kinds of payment options to your Forms.


Now that you understand how to use Gravity Formss and its own PayPal add-on to take payments, you can use this as a base to make more intricate functionality (without the hassle of manually integrating with a payment gateway).