About Constant Contact

Constant Contact provides a selection of intuitive marketing applications designed to help small businesses and nonprofits expand their client bases and nurture relationships. Solutions include email advertising, event marketing, societal campaigns and coverage, survey management and offer direction –most of which are available either individually or as part of an integrated package called the Continuous Contact Toolkit.

Constant Contact email marketing program makes it possible for businesses to import client data from spreadsheets or email clients, such as Gmail and Microsoft Outlook. The system offers hundreds of customizable email templates using drag-and-drop components and includes real-time reporting features to track email opens, clicks, forwards, social stocks and much more.

Constant Contact offers both online and in-person seminars and coaching to help users improve their marketing efforts.

Features of  Constant Contact

And it’s a perfect one for small companies. And it has the following excellent features.

  • It’s not difficult to use.
  • It creates Drag and Drop Editing easy.
  • It greets new subscribers using a timely welcome email.
  • It automatically resends mails to non-openers.
  • It offers everything that you need to turn prospects into connections to loyal clients.
  • You can track your email marketing leads to real time. And you’ll be able to improve them in almost no time.
  • It supplies Subject Line A/B Testing too.

Is constant contact good?

Continuous Contact is a good marketing tool that’s an excellent option for small businesses. Those could be firms new to email marketing or ones that can not devote a great deal of time on email advertising. … Constant Contact includes a rich choice of innovative features like email automation, reporting programs, and integrations.

Can you cancel constant contact?

If your marketing actions are on hold, suspend your account to keep all your articles, reporting, and contact information stored for if you’re all set to use it again. You have the option to cancel your account, but we could only guarantee the information will be kept for up to 120 days after cancellation.

Constant Contact Pricing & Plans

It’s two plans to purchase. The cost is dependent upon your list size.

The email plan starts at $20/Month.

Email Plus plans start from $$45/Month.

Continuous Contact Discount

Time to time that they run promotional supplies. You have to check our Constant Contact discount coupon webpage for the latest offers.

How to Use Constant Contact and Find the Most Out Of Its Tools

Just go through the next 5 steps. Then you can get complete knowledge about the best way best to use Constant Contact. And you are able to understand how to use all the Constant Contact tools.

          1. Setup Your Account.

          2. Grow Your Lists.

          3.  Create and Send an Email.

          4.Upload Your Contacts.

          5. View Reports.


  • Constant Contact’s email-creation UI is simple and strong. This makes producing new emails and newsletters quickly for even non-technical users. The user has many options to customize the email with pictures, buttons, links, and more.
  • Constant Contact is much more than just a email sending support. Their other campaign types include event registration, surveys, and A/B tests. Each of these campaigns can add value to a organization beyond only email.
  • Constant Contact offers several email templates to select from. Whether you are looking to send a majority newsletter or even a more personal note, there will be template that you work off of and further personalize.


  • Constant Contact’s listing management UI isn’t the best. Choosing a list on the Contacts home page does not connect you directly to the listing, so refreshing the page implies you have to re-select the listing, which is a few clicks away. This becomes troublesome when updating contacts in a separate tab and expecting to refresh the list page to see the outcomes.
  • The UI of the Contact page is also not great. There is a confusion between lists and tags, and the data fields aren’t organized well.
  • The reporting features, while useful, lack customizability. Greater than surface level data analysis needs done with an import into Excel.


Now you’ve gained the complete knowledge on how best to use Constant Contact. Now you can use all of its own tools easily and fastly to increase your own contact lists. And you can increase your sales and company within a brief span.

At last, you have to say thanks to Constant Contact, which made email marketing simple. And it provides everything to grow your lists. Plus it provides numerous ways to draw audiences to your website or blog.

And many marketing experts suggest that Constant Contact is the perfect choice for smaller businesses. So that you may give first preference to Constant Contact to cultivate your company for the next measure.