About Short Stack by Mike Mathews

Mike is your development team member responsible for improving the stage. He’s continually testing ideas and creating new features. He is also an experienced 3D computer software engineer and appears to be the workplace GIF master. Mike has a degree in software engineering technology from the Oregon Institute of Technology. When he is not in the office, he’s working on”The Beast,” an older Ford he is rebuilding.

Short Stack Pricing

Pricing Details  
Pricing StrategyPrice (Per Month)
Business$99 a month
Agency$199 a month
Brand$499 per month

Short Stack Key Feature

1. Templates

Allow me to begin my ShortStack review by listing its most useful feature–templates. With ShortStack, you get lots of participating templates for landing pages and societal media contests.

These templates are very helpful once you wish to quickly design and start a contest or giveaway, without too much effort. You can just choose the kind of competition and also a template, then customize it based on your own requirements.

2. Contest Management Tools

ShortStack isn’t just great for designing contests and landing pages but also can help you run your competitions. It has several competition management tools that can enable you to create and run a contest end-to-end, with the least effort.

3. Built-In Email Tools

This ShortStack review would not be complete without mentioning the email marketing tools that it provides. You have the choice to send automatic emails to your contest participants directly in the ShortStack platform.

These may be”thank you” emails for engaging in a contest, informational emails declaring a winner, and much more. You can even send follow-up mails after a contest has ended to nurture your leads.

4. Analytics and Data Management

Within this section of my ShortStack review, I would like to mention one significant feature that we often forget –analytics.

Yes, ShortStack can offer you with analytics on your own contest landing pages and just how well they performed during any contest. You can use this information to estimate in which you lacked so that you may strengthen your future contests.

A number of the key metrics that you may check include visitors, views, traffic sources, device type, clicks, shares, etc..

5. Platform Management and Account Services

Apart from the tools and features mentioned above in the critique, ShortStack additionally provides some personalized solutions that cost extra. For instance, you can hire their team to medium your competition entries on your behalf.

You might even use their customized design solutions to get their group design and run competitions for your benefit. You are able to speak with their sales team to discuss your needs and receive a quote for these additional services.

How to Make a Contest Using ShortStack

I wished to compose a thorough ShortStack review for all of those who’ve never heard of or used this stage before. Thus, within this section of my ShortStack inspection, I will give you a glimpse of this user interface and ShortStack’s dashboard.

Developing a competition on ShortStack is a fairly simple process and here are the measures which you will need to follow.

  • Click on”effort” to make a new campaign
  • pick the type of competition you would like to produce
  • Pick a template
  • Add a campaign title and tags
  • Edit/Customize the template
  • it’s possible to change images, colors, backgrounds.
  • You can edit the text and fill in whatever you want to include.
  • Click on the section which you would like to edit and you’ll see all of the options.

This is just a fundamental process to make a competition and you can always add different features like mails to your campaigns.

Final Verdict?

I composed this ShortStack review to discuss info concerning this helpful tool that’s pertinent to all agencies and businesses that invest in social networking marketing. All things considered, contests are among the very best tactics to create prospects through social networking.

So far as the performance is concerned, I enjoy the type of characteristics that ShortStack offers. I also enjoy the fact I do not require anything else to make, run, and manage a competition.

In general I provide ShortStack a huge thumbs up and will recommend this to anybody who regularly runs contests on societal networking or a site.

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