The strikes led by Hollywood actors and screenwriters have now reached the second week, and there are no indications of a quick resolution to the ongoing labor dispute.

Prominent actors, including well-known figures like Tina Fey, Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick, Rosario Dawson, and David Duchovny, have stood in solidarity with working-class performers and writers by participating in picket lines outside major studios and corporate offices of streaming giants such as Amazon, MAX, and Netflix.

The demands put forth by the unions have been a point of contention with corporate executives. Disney CEO Bob Iger, for instance, referred to the unions’ demands as “not realistic” last week, which has further fueled tensions between the striking workers and management.

As the strikes continue, the entertainment industry faces disruptions and uncertainty, with many projects on hold and schedules impacted. The absence of a clear path to resolution indicates that the negotiations between the unions and corporate leaders are complex and challenging.

Both sides are likely feeling the pressure as the impact of the strikes reverberates throughout Hollywood, affecting not only the production of movies and television shows but also the livelihoods of countless individuals within the industry.